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Don R. Watson, M.A.


Educational Background:


A Political Science Major, a Minor in Business, a Minor in Law, and a Master’s degree in Christian Family & Marriage Counseling, uniquely prepared him to be a leader in the Christian Party Organization where he serves as National Vice Chairman and North Carolina Executive Director.


Experiential Synopsis:


He is the founder of Covenant Restoration, LLC, The Constitutionalist Gathering Place, and now The Patriot Institute.  His educational and experiential preparedness of over a half century give him a solid foundation for participating in these endeavors.  His resulting wisdom and understanding is now being promulgated in educating the populous as to the character and dedication of the Founders, the Wisdom found in the Scriptures and the Founding Documents (which brought forth the uniqueness of the Republic), thus enabling him to use his back ground as a means to the end of revealing the governmental and religious degradation existing today, how it developed, and the relevance of the Founders character and wisdom.  This formulates the basis for the solution to revive the Republic, based on the Constitution, the Judeo/Christian principles and legal system.


This Formal and Experiential Education have enabled him to be a leader in developing a unique (old fashion) method of candidate vetting, “The Winning Journey” concept for Constitutional Republic foot soldiers, and numerous educational tools and series, e.g., “The Constitution Study Guide,” as well as the Covenant Restoration, LLC Constitutional Study series.


Other business experiences include the Christian Guidance Clinic.  He was a Christian Family and Marriage Counselor for several years until being side lined with prostate cancer in 1999.


Now he desires to incorporate this more than a half century of experience and education into an institution to train and prepare Patriots in the rich and powerful history of the Republic.  This Institute will provide the means to the end that will assist in a revival of the Republic, therefore leading to the implementation of the renewal of the Republic.


Personal Information:


Seventy four years old - Married for 54 years - Three daughters - 5 grand children – resides in Cary, NC.






Don Watson, 919-753-7583; Founder, Patriot Institute

Glen Bradley, Co-Founder Republican, NC House - Co-Founder Constitution Alliance Fund-PAC


Jeff Lewis:  National Director, Patriot Coalition, Email: Phone:  252-876-9489

Diane Rufino: Director, Eastern NC Tea Party, 

Email: Phone: 252-702-7038

Sonya Holmes: Founder Ag Freedom


Jacqueline Esslinger:, Co-Founder Constitution Alliance Fund-PAC

Brian Irving:, Libertarian, Freelance Journalist
Raleigh Libertarian Examiner @, Blog:


Kathy Bredehoeft:, 877-844-6378, Bus. Admin., Christian Party of North Carolina


Plus 22 at large members that will be added after December 1st



“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”  Mark Twain




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